With the "anti fog freezer film", betecs offers  a innovative and cost saving solution for all supermarkets. The big advantages of this patented film are:

  • Cost reduction up to 40%
    The "anti fog freezer film", minimizes the glass door- as well as the frame heating.
    Per year you can save up to € 200 per door.
  • Perfect view
    The glass door remains totally clear, even after the door has been closed.
    It guarantees a clear view to the merchandise at all times.
  • Attractive return on investment - about 18 month
    After only 18 month your investment is paid off.
  • ECO friendly
    Minimizes your CO 2 emission, because of reduced energy consumption.
  • Easy to care
    Scratch and chemical resistant.
  • Duration
    The film holds up to 20 years.

The film

The "anti fog freezer film", has a special coating and reduces your energy consumption up to 40%. The glass doors don't fog up anymore and you can reduce the glass door- as well as your frame heating. Per year you can save up to € 200 on each door.

The film lasts up to 20 years.
Your investment pays off within 18 month.

betecs has exclusive sales rights for this world patented product, for Europe, Africa and Asia. Together with our partners, we can react fast according to the needs of our clients.

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